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Sad Update

Posted by Evil-Rick - August 20th, 2021

Hello guys.

Two days ago my dad suffered a hearth attack and after a long day of battle at ER, he passed away this morning.

Would like to take this opportunity to tell you all to always stay close to your family, friends & loved ones, don't let silly feuds or absurdities keep you apart. You never know when that person who's presense you give for granted might go away without even saying goodbye.

Love dad, and love you all.



I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sorry for you loss

Im really sorry for your loss i dunno what id do if i lost ma dad.
Im sure this is a very hard time for you just take everything one step at a time best wishs and lots of love.

Im sorry for your loss and I know the feeling of losing a major supporter in this crazy world. Please keep your head and if you just need to chat or vent, Im here

I'm so sorry for your loss, we understand if you need to take a break

I have Mexican cousins! One of them is 14 and she died and was pulled off life support! Honestly I don’t know how she had to go into life support! My cousins are Mexican and also I have half black cousins and they live in Arizona and I want to see them! My dad told me yesterday and also in the first grade I lost a cousin from sudden infant death syndrome. It’s also called SIDS and during November 2018 my dog el died from a pit bull attack and he lost his life due to his kidneys or liver failing and the vet tried so hard. I was bullied by my teachers for it. I’m 14 years old but I have my sexual fetishes and I feel support with fellow artists.

My sincere condolences....I know your pain...About 1 yr and 9 or so months...It will be 2 years on the cyberSunday after Thanksgiving, I lost my Mom....got the call at like 235 pm that day that she was gone she wasn't doing good and I had visited her....but I left with some hope she might make it....alas no...So yeah as 1 who has lost a close one...I feel for ya...Just recently had a couple of pets die too...so yeah....sucks man...just gets more bareable over time....you are right don't let silly feuds get in the way....Hug and hold loved ones dear...since we can not see the future.... Take it easy...He no longer is in pain...

I am so, so sorry. ;_;