You don't like my stuff? What a predicament!

2013-11-07 00:01:09 by Evil-Rick

So yeah, I've got some "concerns" of people who apparently can't stand some of my stuff, specially some of my Adult pictures.

I'd like to adress these concerns in the best way posible. I don't like the stuff I draw, I friggin LOVE the stuff I draw, and since I love this much the stuff I draw, you bet your ass I'll keep drawing the stuff I love. If you don't like the stuff I draw, that's fine, I'll respect your opinion & point of view, I won't question why you don't like the stuff I draw, I understand some people don't like lolicon, futanari or furry sex, that's why I TAG all the stuff I do with those specifications and that's why I activate the proper restrictions this site offers, so people who don't like it, will more likely to never run onto it.

But, If you don't like it and you happen to run into it, please, halp youreslf out of the image, we don't want you to endure stuff you don't like, hell you're even in your whole right to rate the image 0, go ahead, do it, I don't mind, but pleas,e avoid posting insults, there is no need for insults now, is it? (unless it is a constructive critique, which I will recieve & apreciate of course).

So, to resume, if you don't want me to tell you to fuck off, please don't make a post just to call me a faggot. :)

You don't like my stuff? What a predicament!


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2013-11-07 01:08:41

Good for you! ^^
People are just moronic fuck shits anyways. If it's art to you and you feel satisfaction in it, that's all that matters. It only sucks when you change your style to become popular - then you are a sell out. Fuck the haters <3