Haters Gonna Hate

2013-12-11 21:38:30 by Evil-Rick

If you misslike my erotic artworñ you should avoid visiting my gallery 'cause a couple of moral fags down-voting my pics & posting hate messages are hardly gonna make me stop submitting them. ;)


If you like my erotic stuff, espect some more hot hardcore pics coming soon (alongside non-erotic artwork of course) :D


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2013-12-11 23:59:17

it's not because of your immorality, its because not everyone get a boner from furries and dragons porn. just a tip bro, next time you draw dragons, draw them doing a car.

(Updated ) Evil-Rick responds:

Eww... Who said I wanted to give you a boner? Also if you don't get boners out of that, then why are you looking for them? I use very specific keywords & mature filters for a reason, if you want to play the moral fag card and call me "immoral" try at leats to don't blow your hypocrecy cover while at it bro.


2013-12-12 19:27:30

you ain't immoral, sum ppl just don't like dragons. I never downvote you, I always give 5.

(Updated ) Evil-Rick responds:

... so you really want me to draw a Dragon having sex with a car?


2013-12-12 19:29:41

don't ask me why they browse your pics coz I dont.


2013-12-13 17:52:20

why not? I'm sure people will like it as well because they see it as a comedy.