Some frecuent questions & answers

2014-04-08 22:45:13 by Evil-Rick

I've got some constant questions over specific subject about me & my artwork so I figured that making some sort of FQ&A may be usefull for all.

*Do you do art requests/art trades?

Answer: No, just commissions, but I may take sugestions in consideration.

*Could you draw a hentai pic of my gf/bf?

Answer: No, when it comes to erotic artwork, I don't make works base don real life people. This to avoid certain problems & issues that could happen in regards to these kind of works.

*Which tools/programs do you use?

Answer: All my pics are hand made with pencil & papper, I scan them and color them on photoshop 7.0 with a Bandoo pen & touch tablet.

*You're a brony?

Answer: Yes. (sort of a pasive one :p)

*Do you like or draw clopping (MLP porn)?

Answer: No, tried it once, didn't work out, just not my thing.

*Do you roleplay?

Answer: No, sorry. ^^

*Do you chat?

Answer: Nop.

*Is ALL your arwork here at NG?

Answer: Nop, some pics could not be added here and they're just on my Hentai Foundry and pixiv account.




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