Mexico 2nd Earthquake

2017-09-20 00:09:45 by Evil-Rick

This is no joke, there was just another strong earthquake in Mexico (the place I live), while this was not as strong a sthe one that happened just 2 weeks ago, this was much closer to the capital city and we felt it much stronger, lots of detruction, a super-market became rubble, edifices crumbled and a school collapsed, there are at least 20 dead children and at least other 20 still trapped inside the rubble.Over 140 dead people in total and many damages.

The city is literal chaos, no transports and no comunication, everybody is trying to help in the way they can, the eartquake cuaght me outside on the street and it took me at least 8 hours to be able to find my way back to my house.

Mother Earth is not happy guys. This is a red sign for us. This planet is our only home and we’re not taking good care of it.


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2017-09-20 02:06:10

Lo vi en las noticias ; Como los edificios se caian como si fueran de arena.
Imagino que fue bastante fuerte. Espero que tu y tus seres queridos se encuentren bien.