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Autodidact artist & writter, creator of Sister Grim Comics & Naughty Kitty Comics. My artwork is colorful, explicit & with top quality!

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Evil-Rick's News

Posted by Evil-Rick - September 21st, 2019

I'm currently available to work 2 new commissions, following my past $30.00 offer which I believe was rather "popular" XD

$30.00 for a full color pic featuring up to 2 characters (original, commericla or even my own)

ANYTHING GOES (pin-up, lesbian, anal, bondage, furry, traps, tentacles, lolis, pregnancy, etc...) Only 'NO' is scat, watersports & snuff/gore.


Payment must be up front and thrugh paypal

If you'r einterested send me a private message with the info for your commission, this Comission will be avaiable up for 2 days or until all slots are taken.




Posted by Evil-Rick - June 26th, 2019

So, don't know if you kne wbut I had a Twitter... until it got banned, then I got another twitter... and it also got banned... https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/f/frown.gif

Yeah, Twitter doesn't want me (homophobics, racists, feminazis, pseudo-moralists, creeps & harrasers, that's ok with them, but lewd artwork followed by false reports? Sure, kick me out!)

Needles to say, my experience on twitter was less than memorable, the plataform is just toxic, unfriendly, it lacks human attention and their automatic system of attention lead by bots is an actual joke.

Truth be told I have 0 intention to recover any of my accounts (despite the fact that both were unfairly closed, I might add, but yeha, good luck trying to reach 'human' ears to help you there) In all the extension of the word, twitter and their garbage can kiss my ass.

However, I know there were some people who liked to keep updated on my work there, and I do feel bad for them.

A good & close friend of mine reached to me and told me if it was ok for her to create an account to keep people updated on my stuff, since I can't go there myself, I guess it's ok for her to do so.

Sister Grim, as you may call her, has created an "official" account for Naughty Kitty Comics (my adult artwork) on twitter and she's gonna keep all updates for it there, so consider following her.



Posted by Evil-Rick - January 1st, 2019

4830520_154639684523_Support-me-on-Patreon.jpgI would like to invite you all to become my supporter on Patreon, please, help me create more sexy and explicit  material and stay self-produced. You'll receive tons of rewards & benefits for your support!



Posted by Evil-Rick - June 17th, 2018


Posted by Evil-Rick - June 15th, 2018

4830520_152903737753_Worldpeaceachieved_87f484_6636421.jpgYou can thank me later


Posted by Evil-Rick - March 15th, 2018


I have a Twitter!

Follow me at https://twitter.com/EvilRickMaster1 to be updated at my uploads, news and random Shinanigans!

Posted by Evil-Rick - December 21st, 2017

I know that sexy & perverted weird stuff is fun and all, but I'm really interested in working some new things next year.


Would you people be interested in other stuff form yours turly besides the sexy weird shit?

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 30th, 2017

Frigging loved that movie!

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 16th, 2017

As you may or not my known, all my comics can be made thanks to Patrons support. (I've managed to create 6 full color 100% uncensored comics so far) I'm not a fan of censoring images or hiding stuff behind paywalls and I'll never do that (my moto is to produce uncensored adult material for free) However none of my comics could exist if it wasn't for the support of people pledging on Patreon.

So, I've just mad e a huge update on my Patreon page and I've added tons of new rewards and gifts for pledgers who are generous enough to give me monetary support so I cna keep making all these naughty comics & pictures.

So, if you're interested, and if you could consider supporitng me, here's all the information in regards to the rewards & gifts you can recieve by supporting my work.

My Patreon https://www.patreon.com/evilrick_eroticartwork


Posted by Evil-Rick - October 1st, 2017

Sonichu is... fascinating...