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Evil-Rick's News

Posted by Evil-Rick - August 10th, 2020


My Patreon has been updated!

There's now new and improved content as well as rewards, including a new series of non-erotic comics, the Sister Grim Tales.

To know all about my new material & what you can win by supporting, follow the link below!




Posted by Evil-Rick - July 30th, 2020


Thanks to all!


Hello guys, I-m in a bit of a tight spot right now so I need a bit of help

Just for this one time only and only for the rest of today, I offer a single commission featuring 3 characters for $60.00 (regular price is $70). Payment trough Paypal and IMMEDIATE! :O

Only 1 slot available!

Send me a private message if interested.

For my commission info check here



Posted by Evil-Rick - July 5th, 2020


My Patreon & my overall Nuaghty Kitty COmics will take on a new improved step starting on August.

New features, new content and new Nuaghty Advetures!


Posted by Evil-Rick - June 9th, 2020

Hey guys, something funny happened recently.

Remember one of my old twitter accounts that got suspended over false reports by haters? Well, Twitter re-activated it recently out of nowhere O.O

Yeah, after months of frustration dealing with bots that didn't help one bit, finally human eyes checked my case & the issue got solved in just minutes. lol

Anyway, here's my teitter! Follow me as I'll start to update stuff there as well.



Posted by Evil-Rick - June 3rd, 2020

At first I wanted to remain silent as I don't even live in the USA, but after seeing and reading what's currently going on, I'm sorry, I can't keep quiet and I don't care if a loose followers because of this.


From mexico, I'm with you and you all have my support.

I not only oppose racism, I stand against it, this is what I believe and I'm not afraid to show my face in order to stand by my believe.

I'm not activist so this is all I'll post about the matter


Posted by Evil-Rick - June 1st, 2020

All I want to say is; please take care of yourselves. My heart & prays are with you.


Posted by Evil-Rick - December 26th, 2019

I'd like to make a little experiment, I'd like to make a list of my goals in regards to my work & what I'm hoping to achieve as a creator for this upcoming 2020, the start of a brand new decade, no less. At the end of next years I'll like to come back here and see how much I managed to achieve.

Here are my resolutions in regards to my work and what I want to do on 2020

1) Make a notable improvement of quality in my pictures.

I believe one as an artists is always learning and improving, I always look to improve my work, try new things & do my best so that my next picture has better quality than the previous one, my first goal for 2020 is that by this time next year all my pictures look better and more appealing than the ones I'm uploaidng today.

2) Work & share my non-erotic comics & projects.

I consider myself a quite versatile artist and I'm believe I have the quality & ability to try and deliver different things, one of those thing are stories & projects that are not related at all with porn. I have several ideas & amazing projects currently on hold and on papper, for 2020 I would relaly like to kickstar these and mayeb gain an audience & even support for those, I don't hate porn and I love doing erotic & kinky stuff, but I also wnat to show the world I can do more than just tiddies. (also, there's that Patreon thing about adult content creators... maybe a topic for another time)

3) Don't be shy and release my erotic pictures & projects featuring traps.

Those who follow me know that I like to try all kind of thinsg when it comes to porn themes, I've made all from futas, chubbies, lolis, bestiality, bondage, incest, amputee, pregnancy and plenty more stuff, however, there's one particulary genre I actually really like but haven't got the "guts" to work & release. I'm talking about traps & fuckboys, Traps it's actually a genre I really like in hentai and one I would really like to tyr out for myself, no, you know me, I'm not a fan of Yaoi, "papa bears" or Bara, just not my stuff, but a cute submissive Trap with a girl or a futa? :3 I don't know, perhaps I'm "afraid" I might loose some followers since most people follow me for the cute voluptuous girls I make. But hey, I'm sure at some point I've released material that not all of my followers find appealing, so what gives? Hope to release Trap pic& even Trap OCs on 2020

4) Duplicate my income & number of supporters on Patreon, release all my side erotic projects & don't get delayed anymore

I have several of ideas & projects currently on hold related to my erotic comics & OCs, saddly, this and past were really tough years and most of my stuff kinda stalled. While I keep releasing my main naughty Kitty Comics and I'm proud to say this year my Paranormal Activity comic was an amazing big hit, there is so much stuff I want to do & release. A series of image sets called "The love Chronicles", short self-conclusive comics series called "Short Pleasures", "Little Loves" & "Futas vs Lolis" comics featuring little girls & "Twisted Pleasures" comics featuring darker erotic stuff like more hard-core torture & rape stories, fuck nuggets & violence & even dead. And a big idea, a Fantasy saga of Comic series with continuity being half porn & half action/adventure featuring my Orc character Hertha (The name of the Project is still pending) not to mention more regular naughty Kitty Comics, my OCs Carmelita, Meiling & Emily all have a full comic of their own pretty much waiting on the door as well as my Nuaghty Kitty Comics shorts series. I got delayed this year with plenty of stuff, for 2020 I want to correct that, release so much new & good stuff that my number of supporters on Patreon will at least double and thus, I'll be able to release even more stuff!

5) Build a better comunity among my followers

I would like to think I have a fanbase, and this, for 2020 I would really like to solidificate that fanbase and create a community for the Naughty Kitty Comics series as well as my other projects, One in which I'm much mor einvolved & closer to my followers

6) Release Merch!

This! I really want to release merch next year, how and what kind of merch? We'll have to see about that, but I'll definetly be looking down into that, I love my characters and I believe they're good enough to create an attractive & profitable brand! A Tabitha body pillow, anyone? :)

So, these are my goals in regrads to my work for 2020, you think I'll be able to achiev them? Let em know what do you think. :)


Posted by Evil-Rick - November 22nd, 2019

I have something very importante to say to all, both followers and those passing by.

Do you have something you say about my work? About my content? About my characteres? About my style or technique? About me as a person or creator?

Weather it is something positive or negative, please, I higly encourage you all to DO IT, but if you have to do it, make sure to do it TO ME.

I'm always open & willing to listen to what you have to say. Critiques, inputs, opinions, even discussions, all are most welcome, even the negative ones.

However, there's no point to go talk about me some place I wont be able to listen to you. Talking about me or my work behind my back will result in nothing gained and nothing learned from either of us.

So please, if you feel you have something to say to me, please do so. I'm happy to listen to you.


Posted by Evil-Rick - November 4th, 2019

I’d like to share with you all a personal story, this is gonna be a long read, but it’s important, so please, read it to the very end. :)

Have you ever wondered how far can a hater go?

The concept of a hater is something funny and tragic at the same time, for someone to dedicate large portions of their time & live to constantly hate on a single person probably goes beyond many people’s minds. Mostly because the whole concept of it is complete ridiculous.

Ok, let’s say there’s someone on the internet you really dislike, maybe because of his attitude, maybe because of his content, maybe because of his believes or ideologies. Let’s imagine someone like Logan Paul, Nostalgia Critic or Keemstar. So, you don’t like them one bit, you actually can’t stand them, not even their voice. What’s the logical thing to do? Obviously it is to Avoid them! Like why would you want to watch or know about someone you can’t stand?!

Well, those are haters for you, they can’t stand someone but yet they dedicate hours of their time to watch their content, follow their activity and pay close attention to everything they say and do. Why? I really don’t know? Maybe their “hate2 is the only thing that moves them in life? Maybe they actually admire those people but are too afraid to show their affection and thus try to makes it under a violent attitude? Who knows? But the truth is; haters exist, they are many and they are everywhere, especially around popular people on the internet.

Such is the case of a little man called Javier Royo Padrón and a little group on facebook/ twitter called “The ARD”

A bit of context:

Javier Royo Padrón, also known as “Nuevolucion” is an… ehmm… “artist” from Spain who spends his time as a personal hater of yours, and on recent months, he has developed a personal vendetta against me. Why? Well Javier Royo has that little syndrome of “egocentric artist” in which anyone who dares critique him or his work becomes an immediate target for his hate. Did I critique his work? Nop, I didn’t, however, a girl I know did, and as a result he harassed her for months on social media, until the point he tough it was a “cool” way of get his revenge at her to expose her info and upload a video doxing her and making fun of her physical appearance.

Now I consider myself very pacifist and those who follow me know that, I can get angry & energic about my opinion but never at the point of personal attacking somebody else, but stuff like this really angers me, you know? Making fun of a girl over her appearance? Doing youtube videos about it just because your ego can’t stand critiques? Seriously… So I decided to stand by my friend and I made fun of him, by grabbing one of his “high quality” works and redoing it myself. (a pic that, btw, I shared with very few people and didn’t even added it to my main galleries)


Oh boy! You probably can guess what followed!

So, usually the best way to deal with these people is to ignore them, which is what I did for a while, but if anything, Javier Royo likes to be persistent, and in his persistence he likes to cross the line in many ways.


So what did he did that prompted me to make a reply? Did he make crappy youtube video insulting me?


Did he make some pictures mocking me or insulting me?


Did he filled my onbox and comments section of my galleries & WebPages with insults & attacks?


What did this fella decided to do to get back at me?

He tried to dox me, try to expose my personal information and make fun and target my family members.



Text is in Spanish (cause he’s from spain) but here’s a translation:

“well, I already found out the facebook of EvilRickMaster, I can confirm his real name Ricardo Ruiz Sarabia (me), in his account there were his drawings, memes atheus anti-dross (before he became a Brozz minion) and his family members (they actually comment on his page and have their info on their profile page). The complexed asshole better don’t go cry like he does on his instagram, believing he is an artist for doing furry-porn and hate content for me exposing his photo posted by one of his family members. And so he doesn’t go victimize himself, let’s not forget he did 2 banners for ARdidos net and he actively comments in the webpage. In the end the time has come for the Pig."

First, please notice that he went as far as going aaaaaaaaall the way back to 2013 so he could find something to use against me, yes, this is how obsessive this guy is when it comes to attacking people he hates. I can’t imagine how many hours (hell, even days) he spent backglogging, looking beneath every stone in order to find something that could help him to attack me.

Well, Javier yeah, (I know you’re reading this), I hate to burst your bubble, but all your effort was in vain, you know why? Because both my real name and my photo (the two thinsg you “believe” are a devastating blow against me) have been know and public since while ago.

Mate, in the past I used to sign all my old comic with my REAL NAME, in every page, and those comic pages, ARE STILL AVAILABLE TO ALL. (check all the links below and please notice the bottom corners in each page, smartass)




As for my face, well, I’m too lazy to backtrack, but yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve shown my face plenty of times already. But well, like if that was somehow “super classified information” lol

Tell me something man; what did you tough was gonna happen? You tough I was gonna cower? Cry? Run in terror? This was your “master evil plan”? For real?

 Come on man…

But wait, like Billy Mays used to say “There’s More!”

You notice how in his post he mentions something about a webpage named “Ardidos net”? Well, little Javier here, like a good hater, is part of a facebook/twitter group of “trolls” called “The ARD” This group is formed by a bunch of fellas like him who like to practice target harassment (they claim they are a “justice” group, which is just some bs) and one of their favourite things to do is find photos of family members of their targets (mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, etc) and do obscene and quite disgusting Photoshop edits with them. The leader of this group calls himself “Necrotemante”, well, that’s only one of his allias, but more on that latter. This group has spent years doingt his to both, small web users who only socialize and big Hispanic youtubers, including Dross Rotzank, Dallas Review, Felipe Ray Tyson, Oxlac Castro, Emnauel Dannan, Gerardo Bloomerfiel and potentially many more. Among some of the things they have done there’s threatening to “rape” the girlfriends of their hate targets & send photos of their dicks to harassed girls, just to name a few.

As an example, the leader of the group; Necrotemante, tough it would be fun to make fun of my dead grandpa on Twitter, such a big brave guy, Uh?

They’ve done this for years, all the way back to 2009 until this day, all in total impunity… until recently.

Some victims of this group created a website called Ardidos net. The goal of this website was to expose the ARD group, document & archive their crimes and remove their veil of anonimty, as well as paying the with the exact same coin. Think of it as an Encyclopedia Dramatica but focused on this hate group. While I myself may not agree with the way the admins of this page decide to get back at the ARD members (but seriously, after what I told you, can you blame them?) They have managed to expose the identity of many member of the ARD, including of course, Javier Royo Padrón, who used to operate under the alias “Nuevolucion”.

The picture I did making fun of Javier Royo Padron’s drawing came to the attention of some Ardidos net admins who asked my permission to upload it to their web (I agreed), then, some time later, they hired me and commissioned me to do a banner artwork for their webpage (which I did, this image: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/evil-rick/commission-bad-ass-girls)

Me: doing my job, drawing this banner is the “excuse” Javier Royo Padron and all other ARDs are using as an “justification” for attacking me, trying to expose my information, making fun of my physical appearance (meh, big deal) and making fun of my dead grandpa. (Well, that and commenting on a few ARDidos net posts, that apparently is also a horrible crime from me).

Well Javier Royo Padrón, if this is what you want to do, then fine by me, I’m not afraid of you and as you can see, your little “attack” is pretty much joking material, but since you already decided to take this step, let me repay you in the same way.

Javier Royo Padrón, alias “Nuevolución” to all who would like to meet him and meet this artwork, here’s his deviant art account:


His twitter account:


And his youtube account:


In case you would like to know more info about him and know HOW HIS FACE LOOK IN REAL LIFE, here’s his article on the web Ardidos.net


Should I mention that none of Javier nor any other ARD member has tried to contact me to solve any issue like adults? Yeah, for someone who has so many things he apparently has to say to me, the guy doesn’t want to confront me directly, funny isn’t it?

Oh, btw, here’s also Necrotemante making fun of my dead grandpa on one of his Manny twitter multi-accounts (you know? The kind of stuff a real man would do)


Btw, did you know that this Necrotemante guy is actually a Hentai Artist like myself? One that does lolicon & toddlercon? Did you know that most of his followers in HENTAI FOUNDRY and NEWGROUNDS are also my followers? I wonder what they would think if they were to see how he likes to insult a dead man who never did anything to him and call him a pedophile” while he does erotic pictures featuring baby Bulma…? Maybe for a later update.


Hope it was all worth it Javier.

PD: BTW, to Máscara Negra, another ARD member who tough it was funny to retweet here’s also a bit of free publicity for you.






Posted by Evil-Rick - October 26th, 2019


I'm opening general commission again to anyone interested in getting a top quality sexy full color HD drawing from yours truly!

All the info you have to know listed below

Commission Information:

I'm offering my skills as an artist to ilustrate your idea for an erotic hentai drawing in full color HD with top quality work featuring up to 2 characters of your choice doing, well, wathever you want them to do!

Characters will be in full body and can be commercial characters from videogames, animes, animated movies, comics or cartoons, they can be your own OCs or fursona/personaor they can even be my own Original Characters, all available!

As for the theme of the pic, well, it's an erotic image and it can be all from soft-core to extreme hard-core. All from Pin-ups, masturbation, lesbian, tribadism, anal, blowjobs, full-nelson, furry, futanari, bondage, blowjob, pregnancy, sadomasochism, lolicon, impregnation, bukkake, titjob, traps/femboys, rape, sex toys, shortstacks, BBW, torture, body modification, amputee, slave training, bestiality, shotacon, cum inflated, etc, etc... you can ask in case you have any doubt.


Just to be clear, there are a few thinsg I won't do:

  • Scat/watersports or human toilets (just... NO!).
  • Gore or snuff/killing. (I like gore but not in an erotic context).
  • Feet Fetiches (not really my thing :/).
  • Artwork based on religious images (I like to be respectful in that regard)
  • Artwork based on politics (I really don't need/want the drama XD)
  • Artwork featuring or being interpreted as Racist.
  • Any artwork featuring real-life people depictions (either if it's a famous actress or your girlfriend or even yourself)
  • Also, I won't copy or duplicate the "art style" of anyone else nor will I finish or edit an already existing image done or partially done by somebody else.

Also, I reserve myself the right to turn down any commission I don't feel like working and I must state that I won't take any responsibility on the use people give to the commissions they buy.

Price & Payments:

Any picture in full color and featuring up to 2 full body characters is priced at $60.00

If you would like to add a 3rd or more characters, every additional character adds $25.00 to the base price of $60.00

  • Removing a character or having the characters not shown in full body doesn't reduce the price.
  • Not working scketches, or just linearts at the moment.
  • Comic commissions are not available at the moment.

Payment must be UPFRONT and trough PAYPAL ONLY.


If you're interested in getting a commission, please send me a private message with the information of your commission, from there we'll discuss the rest of the details. Please, DO NOT send any money until your commission has been approved.

I'll be limited to working 3 commissions at a time, if you see all my ongoing commission currently 'USED' please come back later.

Ongoing Commissions:

  1. TAKEN
  2. TAKEN