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Autodidact artist & writter, creator of Sister Grim Comics & Naughty Kitty Comics. My artwork is colorful, explicit & with top quality!

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Evil-Rick's News

Posted by Evil-Rick - January 6th, 2017

We did it!

1000 followers have been reached!

You all know what that means?

Celebration Mini-Comic in the works!!!

Posted by Evil-Rick - December 31st, 2016

2016 is almost over (Thank God)

Were almost on the 1000 followers mark, this mena s alot to me personaly and from the botom of my Heart, I'd like to thank you all for this.

Would like to wish you all a great upcoming 2017, best wishes for all of you and yours, thanks for sticking with me for this year, hope to see you around next yer and many more years to come!

Posted by Evil-Rick - December 2nd, 2016



Well, it seems Marvel vs Capcom 4 (or Marvel vs Capcom reboot) is actually 90% a thing happening and up to be anounced this Saturday.

Following the rumors that this game is gonna return to the 2 vs 2 formula from the first MvC, that the list of fighters will just have 24 characters (12 on each side) that it will pull out the X-MEN entirely and that it’s gonna be heavely focused on the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. I decided to play a little game and make a small prediciton list for the starter list of character (not counting potential DLCs)

My gamer sense are tingling and I’m confident this list may be at least 90% right (took a few risks putting Ghost Rider, Asura, Spencer and Strider there), which characters would you add or remove? Are you willing to bet me on it? What would you bet me on?

Posted by Evil-Rick - November 21st, 2016


Yes! That’s right. I’ve launched a spanish blog in wich I’ll soon be uploading official spanish versions of all the Naughty Kitty Comics productions as well as images. If you’re hispanic or latino, I hope you can pass by an give it a look.


¡Finalmente los cómics de esta mini-editorial en tu idioma! ;)

Posted by Evil-Rick - November 19th, 2016

So, I was wondering, if you could ask a specific question to one of my characters, which question and wich character would it be?

Posted by Evil-Rick - November 2nd, 2016

I'm really near the 1000 followers here and I'm looking forward to do something about it, not just some random "thanks" image, but something big.

I was thinking about a comic, a short but very naughty.

The content of the comic however, not much clue, so, what about all you gusy suggest something in the comments below? Try to inspire me into making something for reaching the 1000 mark followers here. I may even take several ideas in consideration and make something crazy (& very messy, if you get what I mean ;P)

So... make your suggestions in the comments below!


Posted by Evil-Rick - October 14th, 2016



If you wish to commission me, please send me a letter with the details on your image to evilrickmugen@hotmail.com and wait for my response, I'll try to answer as fast as posible. Don't send any payment until I've confirmed I'll do your image, have in mind I reserve myself the right to turn down any image I don't feel comfortable ilustrating. 

Payment upfront trough Paypal only

You can request for any of the genres I have on the chart, any characters you wish, either from fandoms or original ones, even my own. If the character is an OC that belongs to someone else, I need it's owners approval before making the picture.

LIMITATIONS: Things I won't Ilustrate

* Gay, traps, male solo or Futas/strap-on girls on males.
* Scat, watersports, smegmas, fartings or anything related to body hodors.
* Gore, blood, killing or amputee.
* Giving Birth (altough I'll do egg laying).
* Real life people, either famous or not. (Will do characters tough, as I'll draw Hermione Granger but not Emma Watson)
* Political/religious sensitive artwork.
* Foot fetish or related.
* Inflations or deformations.

* Vore, canibalism or cooking a living character.
* Any form of artwork with the goal of damaging something or someone's image, work or persona.

Also, please don't ask me for:

* Copying/ imitating/ tracing some other artist's style or work
* Coloring someone else´s drawing
* Image trades or requests
* Collaborations
* "Fixing" or imporivng another image
* Private artwork, sorry, everything i draw goes to my galleries.

Finally, just as a consideration, avoid spamming me with "when is the image going to be ready?" or sorts, I work at my own rythm and sometimes it may delay a bit, but that's because I like to be detailed with my work and deliver good images.

The discount is for Patrons only and does not add up to already existing offers or discounts.

Any doubt, please ask below :)

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 11th, 2016


Patrons have spoken, Demon Hunter is going to be the 5th comic to be produced in the Naughty Kitty Comics series, demoniac gangabang with brutal penetrations are coming this way, expect first pages on November! :D

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 2nd, 2016


Posted by Evil-Rick - June 28th, 2016


Patrons have spoken.

The 4th comic to be produced in the Naughty Kitty Comics line-up is going to be Massage Therapy
The comic will start production right away after Don't Forget your Tip is completed.

Hot Hot Pizza, Demon Hunter & Mystery Room will have another chance in a new poll for Patrons after Massage Therapy is completed.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who voted &pledged also thanks to the readers & followers for supporitng these naughty comics. Huan the Panda and her huge voluptuous body is eager to please you all in her upcoming erotic, perverted & very explicit comic! :D

Expect the 1st page on July 25th