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Autodidact artist & writter, creator of Sister Grim Comics & Naughty Kitty Comics. My artwork is colorful, explicit & with top quality!

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Evil-Rick's News

Posted by Evil-Rick - April 13th, 2014

My grandfather, a man I lived with for the past 15 years and who was a second father to me passed away yersterday morning.

It was a long strugle since he was detected with a terminal ill last January (ill we decided he should not know about), but I'm happy and thankfull with God that he died quickly with no pain and no agony and even more thankful that God allowed me to stay with him at his side in his last hours alongside my dear mother.

I won't lie, my heart suffers in pain right now, but at the same time I'm happy with the time I was able to be with him, to be at his side every single day for the last 15 years and for thes epast 2 months, probably the best in our lives.

Right now I won't be taking commissions neither updating my comics until further anouncment, can't tell exactly how much time, I just want to cry my grandpa and to be with my mother. I'll be just finishing some already paid commissions since I like to be risponsible with my job.

To everyone, hope you understand, my best wishes. -Rick

Posted by Evil-Rick - April 8th, 2014

I've got some constant questions over specific subject about me & my artwork so I figured that making some sort of FQ&A may be usefull for all.

*Do you do art requests/art trades?

Answer: No, just commissions, but I may take sugestions in consideration.

*Could you draw a hentai pic of my gf/bf?

Answer: No, when it comes to erotic artwork, I don't make works base don real life people. This to avoid certain problems & issues that could happen in regards to these kind of works.

*Which tools/programs do you use?

Answer: All my pics are hand made with pencil & papper, I scan them and color them on photoshop 7.0 with a Bandoo pen & touch tablet.

*You're a brony?

Answer: Yes. (sort of a pasive one :p)

*Do you like or draw clopping (MLP porn)?

Answer: No, tried it once, didn't work out, just not my thing.

*Do you roleplay?

Answer: No, sorry. ^^

*Do you chat?

Answer: Nop.

*Is ALL your arwork here at NG?

Answer: Nop, some pics could not be added here and they're just on my Hentai Foundry and pixiv account.



Posted by Evil-Rick - December 24th, 2013

My best wished for all and everyone during this season and trough the entire upcoming year, have a great time and enjoy with the company with your friends & family, and even if you don't believe or celebrate christmas, I still hope all the bets for you and yours.

Merry christmas and Happy Holidays to all, Love you guys!

Yours truly, Ricardo Ruiz Sarabia "Evil Rick"


Posted by Evil-Rick - December 14th, 2013

Don't forget to check out my on-going comic series at Tumbrl Lauren's Legacy http://laurenslegacy.tumblr.com/


Posted by Evil-Rick - December 11th, 2013

If you misslike my erotic artworñ you should avoid visiting my gallery 'cause a couple of moral fags down-voting my pics & posting hate messages are hardly gonna make me stop submitting them. ;)


If you like my erotic stuff, espect some more hot hardcore pics coming soon (alongside non-erotic artwork of course) :D

Posted by Evil-Rick - November 7th, 2013

So yeah, I've got some "concerns" of people who apparently can't stand some of my stuff, specially some of my Adult pictures.

I'd like to adress these concerns in the best way posible. I don't like the stuff I draw, I friggin LOVE the stuff I draw, and since I love this much the stuff I draw, you bet your ass I'll keep drawing the stuff I love. If you don't like the stuff I draw, that's fine, I'll respect your opinion & point of view, I won't question why you don't like the stuff I draw, I understand some people don't like lolicon, futanari or furry sex, that's why I TAG all the stuff I do with those specifications and that's why I activate the proper restrictions this site offers, so people who don't like it, will more likely to never run onto it.

But, If you don't like it and you happen to run into it, please, halp youreslf out of the image, we don't want you to endure stuff you don't like, hell you're even in your whole right to rate the image 0, go ahead, do it, I don't mind, but pleas,e avoid posting insults, there is no need for insults now, is it? (unless it is a constructive critique, which I will recieve & apreciate of course).

So, to resume, if you don't want me to tell you to fuck off, please don't make a post just to call me a faggot. :)

You don't like my stuff? What a predicament!

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 30th, 2013

I was totally unaware that I had a limitation of update spe rmonth and I totally screwed ot up when I decided to upload my comic "Lauren's Legacy chapter 1" while being totally unaware I was saturating my account and preventing myself from uploading more, had to remove it in order to keep submiting, sorry if anyone got hooked with it. you can chek it out on my tumblr & deviantart tough. (check links on contact info)

Sorry, had to remove comic

Posted by Evil-Rick - October 25th, 2013

Hello! My name is Ricardo but most people know me as Evil Rick, I just joined. I knew new grounds since long ago but I didn't knew I could share my art here as well (taught it was only videogames & videos) :p

So, yeah, drawing is pretty much my thing, what do I draw? Anything I feel like drawing, action, magic & fantays, bloody or sexy. I draw mostly my own OCs which I hope you all may come to know & like as well, I also draw comics! And I'm looking forward to become an animator some day, but as for now, I stick to the drawings.

So yeah, hope you all like my stuff & hope we can become friends!